Today’s ‘Inspiring people, inspiring stories’ blog profiles one One Day Soones’ amazing stockists, Add Character.
Nestled in the gorgeous seaside South Australian town of Semaphore, Add Character is a little treasure trove of beautiful and unique gifts for all ages.

They believe in the importance of promoting the work of local Artists and the store is a true blend of East and West with goods from across Asia, but also with a distinctive local South Australian flavour.
If you are looking for a gift that is unique, you will find it at Add Character!

Lynn from Add Character’s One Day Soone dream is to grow the business and offering an even wider range of gifts to their customers…

What is your favourite One Day Soone design?
My favourite One Day Soone piece would be the ‘reflections’ sterling silver earring. I love the tree of life and what it represents. It’s so clever how the 2 pieces come together to form the tree like a puzzle. I think it is a piece that you can wear with any outfit, from T-Shirt to business attire.

What is your ‘One Day Soone’ dream?
My One Day Soone dream would be to expand our business and offer even wider range of gifts to our customers.

The gorgeous Heather from Add Character wearing One Day Soone ‘Reflections’ earrings
The gorgeous Heather from Add Character wearing One Day Soone ‘Reflections’ earrings

What steps have you and are you taking to achieve your ‘One Day Soone’ dream?
I have used our Facebook page as a tool to showcase our products and make people aware of our shop, it gets updated with new products and it has worked well for us.

We also have a website, this also gives people an idea of some of the products we have in our store. We love having a range of locally designed and made products, I think it is really nice to be able to purchase a gift that is unique and tells a story. We are very fortunate to have so many local Artists who share their work in our shop.

One Day Soone ‘Reflections’ silver earrings
One Day Soone ‘Reflections’ silver earrings

What new trends can customers expect to see at Add Character over the next few months?
Add Character is still relatively young, we are about 2 1/2 years old. We are changing and growing everyday, you will constantly see new lines of products in our store.

We source our products from such a wide range of suppliers locally and internationally. There are many products that are just exclusive to our store that you would not find anywhere else in Adelaide.