After a couple of weeks break, this week in my blog I wanted to give you an insight into my world as the designer of One Day Soone jewellery and post some images of things that inspire me, the designer behind One Day Soone, to create my art…..

What is my dream and where did the name ‘One Day Soone’ come from?
I have always designed jewellery for myself and friends as a hobby and for years I had been saying ‘One Day Soon’ I will make jewellery design into my career.
All it took was for me to step outside my comfort zone and the day-to-day routine to realize that the only obstacle to my dream was myself by continually putting off starting the process!

My dream is for my jewellery designs to be loved and cherished by everyone who wears them, and for my determination and passion to pursue my dream to inspire others to take a step out of their comfort zone and put in place the steps they need to to achieve their own dreams.

The name ‘One Day Soone’ is a play on words – that my dream or ‘One Day Soon’ is one step closer to ‘One Day Sooner’

What is my favourite One Day Soone design?
Ultimately all the designs are my favorite – however there are a few pieces I wear frequently.
The Round domed necklace from my Hopes&Dreams collection is a real favorite as to me it symbolizes the realization of my One Day Soone dream.
From the Enchanted Forest collection my favorites are the Branching Out bracelet as it is easy to wear with any outfit, and the Full Moon earrings as they really add a touch of elegance to any outfit for a casual dinner or a night on the town.
From my new Origins collection, the Origins earrings are my personal favourite.

Hopes&Dreams Round Domed pendant
Enchanted Forest Full Moon earrings
Enchanted Forest Branching Out bracelet
Origins earrings

Who is my role model for my ‘One Day Soone’ dream?
I have many role models, firstly my parents and sister who have spent their lives dedicated to teaching me morals, work ethic and giving me all the opportunities they were able to to get me where I am today.
Secondly, my husband, who offers unconditional support to my decisions and continuously grounds me.
Thirdly all my wonderfully supportive and inspiring friends – each one is an inspiration to me in their own way – you are all amazing!

What inspires my jewellery designs?
Everyday I see something amazing in nature that inspires my work – a ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds, autumn leaves on the ground, water dripping into puddles….the list goes on!

These things spark ideas and sketches – there are so many ideas – pulling them all together and translating them into tangible jewellery designs to create a collection and a ‘story’ is the challenge of being a designer!

Attached are a few images that spark my imagination…

Trees (
Sunset (