As I am packing my bags for hospital in preparation to welcome my second child next week, I reflect on the year that has passed, the many ‘hats’ that I have been wearing, what I have achieved and the things that have, and will continue to keep me going as a busy Mum, business owner and career woman.

As I contemplate what to pack into my ‘Survival’ kit for the coming days, I realize that it is adorned not only with the products I use on a day-to-day basis to make me look and feel good, but that all of these products are created by homegrown Australian brands. Not only are these brands out kicking goals creating fabulous products for the likes of you and I, but they are making and achieving their own ‘One Day Soone’s’.

Kudos to those labels, the products and the creative and hard-working people behind them – your products have nurtured and supported me through all of the above, and will continue to be a part of my everyday! Keep up the good work and keep reaching out for those ‘One Day Soone’s’!

My ‘Survival’ kit is stocked with the following:

My 'Survival' Kit
My ‘Survival’ Kit


1. One Day Soone – some of my favourite pieces from my own jewellery collections:

Hopes & Dreams ‘Round Dome‘ pendant, Secret Garden ‘Ixora‘ pendant, Enchanted Forest ‘Taking Flight’ and ‘New Beginnings

2. Sukin Organics – Cream cleanser, Moisture Restoring Night Cream

3. Grown Alchemist – Ylang Ylang Serum, Vanilla Orange Peel

4. Lucas – Paw Paw ointment

5. Naturally Good – Crystallised ginger

6. Loving Earth – luvju caramel



These products have been my constant companions and ‘support crew’ over the past 12 months as a Wife and Parent I have moved country, moved house 3 times, purchased a house, nurtured a toddler through the transition from a tropical to not-so-tropical climate, seen him grow and thrive through walking, talking, childcare, and an obsession with construction vehicles to a healthy and happy two year old.

As a Small Business Owner I have continued to successfully grow my One Day Soone jewellery label, taking on new and exciting stockists, exhibiting at trade fairs and creating an ethos around my brand that I am proud to continue. All the while achieving a massive feat as a Career Woman in managing 100+ stores designed and built in 10 months in a national retail store roll-out for a major Australian brand.

Each of these roles has brought with it hard work, early mornings and late nights, challenges and rewards that makes me look back and think – ‘Wow, what a year!!.’

A big thank you to all of the brands above for the time, effort and creativity you put into your own brands and products – there is a busy Mum, business and career woman who truly appreciates it!!